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Robbin Miller
Sep 23, 2017

Promoting Inclusion at an early age and upward as well.


Hi. I am a Children's Book author from the East Coast. I wrote my first picture book, "Playgroup Time," which is the first book promoting inclusion and diversity at an early age. The story is about my son (15 months old) meeting a new baby of 8 months old at a weekly early intervention structured playgroup who cries on his first day. Through a few itty mishaps and adventures, my son, EJ, shows his new friend that playgroup is fun to meet new kids from all abilities.


As an adoptive parent whose child was born early and underweight (his birth mom gave birth early as she did not know she was pregnant), I was told my son would need to be evaluated for EI(Early Intervention). I was taken aback as I was not given any materials to read about EI and a picture book or materials to learn what a playgroup is. I wrote this picture book so every doctor's office and EI office would have this picture book in their offices to educate parents about EI and their playgroup programs. Unfortunately, the EI centers in my state can't buy this book as their funds dried up to buy resource books for parents. I also wrote this book to decrease the stigma that EI playgroups benefit all children.

Robbin Miller
Sep 23, 2017

I also wrote "Three Best Friends," which is the first picture book to promote inclusive and accessible playgrounds for children with mobility impairments and all abilities. Unfortunately, many playgrounds across the US are still using wood chips to save money on the flooring for their playgrounds. As a result, children who are wheelchair users or use walkers can't play with their friends in the playground. Soft cushioning flooring benefit also parents who use baby carriages and strollers as well. In my book, the protagonist gets his wheelchair stuck in the wood chip flooring where he is determined to fit in despite being bullied by two able-bodied kids.

Nov 3

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